Posted by: kaegw | June 18, 2008

Food Prices and the Distribution Channel

Why is there such a surprise over the increase in food prices?  Why the indignation?  Why not take it in stride?

I wrote an article some time ago about how our food system was on the edge of a knife.  The food supply could fall off that thin, razor sharp edge, at the whisper of a breeze.  Whether it could be a delivery system strike or a natural disaster, the food supply chain is made of weak links.  And, we should not be surprised when a link breaks.  We are on an even thinner knife edge now.

We have all been tied together with this food distribution system.  Now, we are surprised and dismayed by the high cost of wheat and other foods.

We are in a pickle.  The heck with food miles.  Let’s talk about saving what farmland we have in our own backyards!  Let’s stop building Homage (ho-medj), the cookie cutter suburban sprawl.  That land is virtually lost forever for agriculture.

Yes, we are in a rough period with the rising energy costs and how that ties into our food costs.  Now, part of the thin edge of the knife is the state of the economy.  As things get tighter, the folks controlling the distribution of food have more and more power.  One truckers strike could cause calamity to the cities and suburbia, but the rural areas will also suffer.  The closer we are to the food we consume, the more power the food consumers will have.  The more security as well.

That is why we shouldn’t take these price increases as a matter of fact.  But we had better take them in stride or we will lose our power.  As for indignation, what good will that do, other than give us high blood pressure and resentment?

We need an even keel in our policy makers’ philosophy.  You encourage that by writing to your congressional representatives, as well as the state and federal agencies that impact your food availability.

Keep me posted on what you think…Hall Hitzig aka The Crazy Baker



  1. With the current uncertainties with food prices there is a greater need for us to conserve and be increasingly
    economical about food consumption at home. We have become wasteful as consumers of food and have never really had a need to feel otherwise before this crisis started. Blaming the rampant consumerism of the supermarkets has now irrelevant in this discussion. The situation now is that if we don’t change our food habits this situation could easily escalate completely out of control. The responsibility is now on us all to change our food buying and food consuming habits.

    Simple food saving tips are things we need to get used to and practice more regularly. Most of these are common sense and can be quite creative. You can find a list of free food saving tips at sites such as amongst other similar sites as well.

    We all need to contribute to a fairer and more food wise program for ourselves.

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