Posted by: hallthecrazybaker | August 11, 2009

Why I Do It

I, too often, find myself eating out at the Stardust Café.  This wonderful little café in Lewisburg, West Virginia has an incredibly inviting atmosphere with great food.  The desserts are prepared by yours truly, The Crazy Baker.

It is with some puzzlement that I watch people eat:  Here they are pushing flora and fauna into a red hole in their face and enjoying it and doing over and over and over again!  It is a site to see!  Then what’s fun for me is dessert.  First with Pavlovian reactions, the diners peer over the dessert tray and make very difficult decisions.  The dessert is served and received with great anticipation.  The ingestion of the sweet course commences: then come the sounds that emanate from within which articulate their happiness with the experience.  This is why I love being a pastry chef.  While the appetizers and entrees are wonderful and very necessary, it appears that dessert, for some but not all, is the special reward part of the dinner.  And I made it!

I have to tell you, it is amazing to know that I have fed as many people as I have.  Not always pleasing them, but for the most part I have.  I could, with relative ease, calculate the number of dessert servings I have prepared for the café, of which most have been eaten.  Then to think of the outcome of this food that I have made with such care and passion!  Ooo lah lah, let’s not go there.  But what do I do with this curious knowledge?  Is it mere trivia or something esoteric?  Why should I put so much of my self and time into this career?  For an aircraft mechanic it is an easy justification: they are keeping people safe.  For a pastry chef, am I keeping people alive?  Maybe only happy for a brief time.  So what is it for me?  Am I doing this for my reaction and pleasure, knowing how people  are reacting to my creations?  What else could it be?


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