About Us

What is the Crazy Baker?

The Crazy Baker, established in 2002 by Hall Hitzig, creates a wide variety of baked goods and confections, handmade with love and the finest natural ingredients. The Crazy Baker also produces traditional and seasonal specialty items and ships worldwide.

Who is the Crazy Baker?

Hall Hitzig - The Crazy BakerHall Hitzig is The Crazy Baker.  The Crazy Baker prepares his pastries with care, using traditional methods and only the best ingredients available.  He is committed to quality in every phase of his work.

Hall started his training at a young age in New York City, where his mother treated him to the very best European bakeries.  As Hall’s palate matured, so did his desire to please the sweet tooth of his family and friends.  He has baked throughout his life, culminating his professional career with the opening of The Crazy Baker in August 2002. 

Hall graduated with honors from L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD, and gained additional training at hotels and restaurants in the US and abroad.  He has lived in Renick, West Virginia, with his wife, Amy, and their three children since 1986.  Hall now pleases the public with his own beautiful and luscious offerings.



  1. Hi Hall,

    I wish your blog had an RSS feed, so I would never miss a new posting. That would also allow you to automatically feed new articles to your Twitter account, if you like.

    Just the wish of a would be loyal reader.

  2. […] The glass case at the cashier’s station displayed several decadent desserts including carrot cake, cheesecake and a coconut cream cake resembling a high-rise building.  I picked up a brochure on the counter next to me and proceeded to read all about the creator of these sweet endings, the Crazy Baker.    […]

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